A life without regret would be no life at all

I denied him a painful goodbye, and allowed myself a peaceful one.

Tell Jack I love him very much. 

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I dream darkness comes into me. It comes and it’s insidious. Up my nose, into my ears. I feel poisoned.

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Hannibal: 2x03 » Hassun

What do you see?

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New Order


New Order - Ceremony

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Moi meme: 3/5 actors

Mads Mikkelsen:I take my work enormously seriously. When I do something it has to feel right. Everything has to be right. I’m not ambitious about my career, but I am ambitious with each job. I can be fairly annoying to work with. No compromises. Let’s put it this way: compromises are from hell.”

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Hannibal: 2x01 » Kaiseki

I am not the intelligent psychopath you are looking for. 

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I love these two dorks

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While watching the Hannibal PaleyFest panel 

Sister: So… do you still think Hannibal is attractive, dressed like that?



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*has heart attack*


*has heart attack*

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Classical music in Hannibal → Sorbet (1.07)

youtube links: handel / chopin / gounod / mozart / verdi / vivaldi

listen: [tba]


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Hannibal+ colour palette

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