A life without regret would be no life at all


hannibal meme; 3/11 hannibal lecter quotes

"Nothing here is vegetarian."

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How far do you think Dr. Lecter would go in his therapy to treat a patient?

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Mads Mikkelsen smiling requested by anonymous

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Hugh Dancy on ‘Hannibal’ set. Bryan Fuller’s twitter pics.

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He-Ate-Us Meme: [2/6] Scenes (Season 1)

↳ Franklin’s Death - Fromage

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hannibal + ladies: 
  ↳ Hannibal Lecter & Alana Bloom

"Be blind, Alana. Don’t be brave."

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Inspired by (x)

Bonus: That doesn’t rhyme with “surprise” but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Hannibaladies Meme: [1/5] Ladies  Abigail Hobbs 

She has a penchant for manipulation; withheld information to gain information. She demonstrated only enough emotion to prove she had them. 

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I want to give you everything you desire.

Requested by: dinalovesjeremy

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He looks like Satan chilling in hell after a long day of evil

Probably because he is

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