A life without regret would be no life at all

gif meme → mercorn asked: Hannibal + Bruised & Battered

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heateus meme: [2/4 relationships] - Alana & Hannibal

- “We went so long in our friendship without ever touching, yet I’ve always felt attuned to you.”

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I missed the limited edition Hannibal t-shirts on Shirtpunch, because I didn’t check my emails!


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He-Ate-Us Meme: [2/3] Locations

↳ Hannibal’s kitchen

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Mads in the Mukozuke making of documentary part II [part I]

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You let me in to a conversation
A conversation only we could make
You break and enter my imagination
Whatever’s in there it’s yours to take
Song For Someone - U2

Clarice Starling’s memory palace is building as well. It shares some rooms with Dr Lecter’s own memory palace - he has discovered her in there several times but her own palace grows on its own. Hannibal - Thomas Harris

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- Dante Alighieri [Inferno, Canto VI] 
requested by anonymous

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in clash of the titans and King Arthur is that mads mikkelsens real hair ?

Oh man, I’m not sure. They probably put extensions, but I bet he would grow out his hair if it didn’t conflict with his appearance in other roles.

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It’s just hard to know where you are with each other.  

We know where we are with each other. Shouldn’t that be enough?


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Hannibal : Relationships » Hannibal & Bedelia

I have conversations with a version of you, and hope that the actual you gets what he needs. 

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Everybody thinks I’m a piece of shit tweak-head.
you seem to think I’m something better.

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Will and Hannibal first and last scene.

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hannibal + ladies: 
  ↳ Hannibal Lecter & Abigail Hobbs

I need to trust you, Abigail. What if I can’t?

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